samedi 5 septembre 2009

N-core shoes

NEWNESS to N-core shoes fabulous and so SEXY HEELS named "Illusion" Xtreme heels II
i love it !!!!!!!!!!

mercredi 2 septembre 2009

=Zenith= Fashions

Zenith fashions ? I DIDNT KNOW THIS STORE!!! created by Miffyhoi Rosca so sweety gurl :) and full of inspirations she do SOME different style i was lost in her store lol Also Zenith have some of Lucky chairs ! it's so fabulous i love her storeeee <3

mardi 25 août 2009

*COCO* Designs

THE BEST DESIGNER Cocoro Lemon !!! woop ! omg she have do some newness fabulous and so so much sexy to me !! lool some of fabulous inspiration summer Coco freshy sexy
i love so much her work she is in the best designers on SL plus the so sweet Lu Waffle a new designer on sl for Hairs :) she do so simply design and so cute !!


Frist pic :
Hair : by lelutka Ula blacks
Bikini : *COCO*_Side-TieBikini_Black

Second pic :
Jean : by Armidi
Jacket : *COCO*_Cardigan_Lace
hair : @Waffles! Fargo drinks champagne
Top : *COCO*_Polo-over-Shirt_Carmine

Dress : *COCO*_MaxiDress_Floral
Hair : @Waffles! Miucha (Darks)

Thrid pics :
Dress : *COCO*_MaxiDress_Floral
Hair : @Waffles! Miucha (Darks)

Last pic :
Hair : @Waffles! Fargo drinks champagne
dress : *COCO*_CutoutPromDress_Black
Nails : BY CCD

lundi 24 août 2009

Sassy Kitty Designs

Oh !! awesome designer FRENCH! i love her so much ! lol Her name is Kinu Mayako
she do a fabulous sexy design named Sassy Kitty designs i love her store so so much also give her a big KISS!


First pic :
Hair : From POSH
Dress : [Sassy Kitty Designs] Vixen Dress

Second pic :
Hair : from POSH
Lingerie : [Sassy Kitty Designs] Sassy Nightie Grey

Third pic :
Hair : From Posh FREEBIE
Lingerie : [Sassy Kitty Designs] Seductiva Lingerie Black


vendredi 21 août 2009

Madsy design

HI omg !! MADSY NEW BRAND !!! in the fahsion wolrd of sl !!! by Kimberlee Miles :)
she is so awesome !! and have some of great ideas for design !!
lets kiss herrrrr
muah <3

Credits :

First pic:
Hair : From DejaVu
Dress : (Madsy) Megan minidress - teal

second pic :
Hair : from Maitreya Dylan browns
Jacket : (Madsy) Lost Sheep Leather Jacket + Sheer Tanktop
short : (Madsy) Booky Wook Oxford Shorts - black

samedi 15 août 2009


OMG ! so so sorry these days was impossible to go in web only on SL with modelling and some fashion shows ... im so sorry :( but i've get a few times to meet a fabulous and very nice women named AnaLee Balut she is so awesome and her designer too !!! that's why i decided to show her design on my blog :) its so awesome by her part :)
lets show this fabulous work !!!

kisss to you ANA <3


First pic :
Hair From ZEUS hairs
Dress : ALB DIOR impression flower set by AnaLee Balut - LAMU GROUP

second pic :
Hair : From ZEUS Hairs
Dress : ALB AUDREY skirt set + feather hair by Analee Balut

Third pic :
Hair : from ZEUS hairs
Dress : ALB LOTTA sky dress by AnaLee Balut - LAMU GROUP

vendredi 7 août 2009

!OHMAI! and ANEXX new brand line shoes

Hey !! omg !! Machang Pichot have do a new brand line of shoes she is Owner and designer of AOHARU and Now ! Owner and Designer of ANEXX new brand line of shoes !
Machang have do a impressionable work she have do it very well i can say same "extra" great ! I have nothing to say about her so fabulous shoes only YAY ! ahah then i've meet a so lovely designer name Anya Ohmai she is a very simply designer and she do a fabulous work so simply and original !!

big kisses to her and lets enjoy the shopping !!


First pic :
Hair : by Ohmai
Jacket : by Ohmai
Leggins : by Milk Motion
Shoes : ANEXX_ZipUpLeatherBoots_SilverWhite
Glasses : By Chapeau tres migion
Gloves : Part of outfit Jackie by Kunglers
Top : From Wasted Youth

Second Pic :
Dress : By :bijou:
Hair : by Ohmai
Glasses : kalnins glasses
Shoes: ANEXX_FringePumps_Copper

Third pic :
Hair : By Ohmai
Glasses : Kalnins Glasses
Skirt : By Emery
Jacket : By ohmai
Shoes : ANEXX_LeatherGladiatorHeels_Black

Last Pic :
Hair : By Polina Kaester
Bikini : by :Bijou:
Jacket : By Ohmai
Shoes : ANEXX_BijouGladiatorHeels_Copper

ENJOYS GURLSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mardi 4 août 2009


Hey hey ! Alia have do a fabulous new collection ! so sexy Oo ! :p so Fierce!
i love it , so lets enjoy her Newness
ALSO Ali couture is doing a BIG HUNT and some stylish gifts do found !!!!


Credits :

first pic :
Hair : NEW by POSH
Outfit : Day of the dead by Ali couture

Second pic :
Hair : new collection by POSH
dress : Delia dress by Ali couture

vendredi 31 juillet 2009

KIM Fashion Design

Oh ! my friend Kimy is a very great designer , i love her work so much and she spend sometimes in she is a person very busy on sl cuz she take all of her precious time for her so fabulous design !!! i love ya Kimy continue like this !!


First pic :

Hair : By Lelutka Ula wet hairs
Bikini : by Kim design fashion Jame swimsuit black
Glasses : by VIP Kalnins

Second pic :
Hair : By bishwear Avarice
Outfit : by kim fashion design White Parasema

Third pic :
Dress : Kim fashion design Summer minidress
Hair : By :::Iren:::
Heels : By N-core design

Last pic :
Hair : by Lamb cherry hairs
Dress : by kim fashion design Sunny Minidress


OMG ! Kendall Freenote new designer in SL she start sussceful with her sooo simply-Stylish collection !! Im really in love when im wearing her clothes !! they are really really exceptionnel i love it !! <3
lets encourage Kendall !!! big kisssssss<<


first pic :

Dress :(WY) Peplum Dress
Hair : Curio Paper Tiger Blonde

Second pic :

Jacket : (WY) Basic Black Blazer
Leggins : (WY) Metallic Leopard print tights

third pic :

Hair : by Epoque old collection
Jean : (WY) Red skinny jeans
Top : (WY) Gingham Ruffle top (black)

Pic 4 :

Dress : (WY) Graffiti Dress
Hair : by Epoque old collection

Last pic :

Dress : (WY) Elle dress yellow
Bag : (WY)

mercredi 22 juillet 2009

*X*plosion Design

Neko style so simply , so stylish !! all by Kaliha Noel the owner and designer on Xplosion a big store on a big sim so paradise !! i love how she work its awesome and so fabulous she do ALL (skins , clothes , shoes , hairs and more...) !! big kiss to her <3

Credit :

first pics :
Outfit: by Xplosion design freak outfit black and white
Hair : by Xplosion design hair kayli onyx
Shoes : By Xplosion diamants shoes

second pic :
Outfit : Buisness kitty by Xplosion red/bkack

lundi 13 juillet 2009


omg a fabulous store created by Patrizia Blessed owner of PB collection ! <3 i didn't know her store before but i saw it on SL it was fabulous some of very great collection and extra great inspiration !! i love it lets enjoys her designe <3

Credit :

first pic :
Dress : Ambar pb collection Ardigraf
Hair : by Pocket Mirrors

second pics :
Outfit : chrystine pb collection ardigraf so original !
Hair : by epoque (not avaible old collection)
Glasses : by Epoque ( not avaible old collection)
Shoes : X-pose by Fussy

third pic :
Dress : Old Lace Pb collection ardigraf
Hair : newness by Mirone

Pic 4 :
Dress : Marchesa pb collection by ardigraf
Hair : newness by mirone

Last pic :
Outfit : Myruna pb collection by ardigraf
Hair : Mirone



omg omg omg sissy you will not stop to impressione me i loveeee your designe LA MODA is in ur head ! lol she take her own style and put in her fabulous dresses i love it <3 some of kisses to Sissy Pessoa <3333

Credits :
dress : BAIASTICE new collection special spring !
Glasses : by kalnin glasses
jewells : by CCD Caithlin Carter Design

Agnes Finney Design

Omgggg agnes design a perfect dresses so lovely so beautiful <3> agnes finney have do a new collection of dresses to see at her fabulous store KISS

First pic :
Hair : Volcano by LAQROKI
dress : by Agnes Finney Ali in blue

Second pic :
Dress : Godness in red by Agnes Finney
Hair : POSH hair fair (finish)
Necklace : new collection of Lagyo
Bangles : new collection of Bandit store jewells

N-CORE Design

Hola ! omg nuria do the best shoes on sl !! ahah she design them very well and so tall ! they are very extra :) and she do clothes too i love it she has some great ideas about fashion on sl :)
i like it <3


Hair : HTD hairs hair fair (finish)
Top : N-core design Pin up black
Jean : N-core corset in black
shoes : N-core infinity black heels

dimanche 12 juillet 2009

Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute

Oh poses for runway , poses for pics , poses for fun ? go there ! omg Manmoth designer of Body Language by Sweet Lovely Cute she is inspiring by the best SuperModel of SL "Haruka Kish" she do her poses for runway and its a very great designe i love it im impressioned by her talentiouse poses <3