dimanche 31 mai 2009

-L`Abel- By Neferia Abel

-L`Abel- created by Neferia Abel its a beautiful and great store with some styles Vintage yes , Neferia do alot of designe with the style vintage . I love it !! but for her new Collection and sooo WAWO i loveeeeee with some "e" ! she was do a fabulous mix with style Vintage and Haute Couture ! soo Beautiful with a big "B" !! ahaha <3

Details Of Pics :

first pic :
Hair : from VW
Dress :-L`Abel-Janne gold dress
Jewells : LaGyo Unforgettable

Second Pic :

Hair : by P-K
Gown : -L`Abel-Madeline gold
Jewells : by *Plus*

Third Pic :

Hair : By Lagyo
dress : -L`Abel-Jarmila grey dress
earrings : By LaGyo

Last pics :
dress : -L`Abel-Evy black dress
Gloves : part of a gown cassandra by Kunglers
hair : (not avaible)
Necklace : by *Plus* pearls vintage black

Hair : by VW
Dress : -L`Abel-Anceline white dress

Royal Blue By Marni Grut

Marni Grut is very original and so creative i love her work she take her time for do a beautiful work and its so fabulous !! i love Royal Blue !

Details of Pics

first pic :
Hair : By VW fashion bow
glasses : by VW diamonds Jet
outfit : by HOUS OF GAGA *
skirt : by Royal Blue
Hands : By *Plus*
Skin : Minnu Palen Lelutka

second pic :
Hair : By Lamb
Dress : By Royal Blue
Leg : By Royal Blue

vendredi 29 mai 2009

Ali Couture

Woot ! Alia Rabeni Owner of Ali Couture a great designer !! she's inspired by the rl Mode and its so nice ^_^

details of pics :

first outfit :

outfit : Entice from Ali Couture
Hair : from Aden (not avaible)
necklace : from Lagyo
Glasses : Aviator from ROLE and Kalnins sunglasses crystal

second outfit :

outfit : Misfit from Ali couture
Hair : Victoria from Labieja hair
Necklace : from Lagyo Animalier zebra
Lashes : ZasZas's Lashes
gloves : from Kunglers part of outfit Jackie

mercredi 27 mai 2009

Love Kitty !

Hi !! OH Precious Mathy ! Great designer of the store Love Kitty veryy fabulous !
and so special collection we can found all style there !! YAY ! love it !!

details of pic

Hair : Spring Pale blonde By Love Kitty
Outfit : Panda choc by Love Kitty

lundi 25 mai 2009

Kunglers Kunglers kunglers !

Wow Barbra Kungler and AvaGardner Kungler the sisters who was created the fabulous store Kunglers with some creations so Niceee !!

Detail of pics :
*first Dress*

Hair : By Bishwear Serafina
Dress : By Kunglers caéssandra Gold

second dress :

dress : by Kunglers ISOBEL (not avaible in white)
Hair : by VW
Jewells : by LaGyo

dimanche 24 mai 2009

ToTal Betty

Wawo ! i was inspired by gaga when i saw this fabulous dresss diamonds !!!! by akaya GossipGirl and Redsoledrea GossipGirl a very good work with the sheer so lovely dress !!

detail of Pic :

Dress : sheer Pale diamonds by Total Betty
Hair : by VW

Ring : by Lagyo
Skin : Lady Gaga by Tea Lane

samedi 23 mai 2009

LaGyo By Gyorgyna Larnia

JEWELLS collection of LaGyo its so b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l !!! really i didn't know more this store but now i know it and i can say ITS SOOOO EXTRA !!!!

Detail of Pics :

Dress : By LaGyo puffy dress
Hair : clawthoot
Jewells : By LaGyo "dew"
Lashes : by leezu Baxter

second pic :
Hair : by Laqroki "Volcano"
Necklace : by LaGyo heavy black
Ring : by LaGyo


LOOKS LIKE FESTIVAL OF CANNES 2009 ! and yes its a great occasion for it as festival of cannes 2009 is aleardy a big events for all of films internationnal thats why this dresse is so special for that !!! <3 luv Kunglers creations !

detail of outfit :

dress : Kunglers angeline plum
Hair : by damselfly ginger

vendredi 22 mai 2009

ToTal Betty

OHHH ToTal Betty released by Akaya GossipGirl and Redsoledrea GossipGirl <3 i loveeeee this dress , Disco , fun , club , party woot woot ! Akaya and Redsoledrea ! are verrrryyyy great designers she do a great work !! alot of kisses for you Akaya & Red <3

detail of outfit :
Dress : Prissy by Total Betty
Jacket: by *COCO* black
Gloves : by *Plus*
shoes : By J's
Hair : By Glitter (Not avaible)
glasses : By Glow studio

dimanche 17 mai 2009


OMG ! Nakitta Nightfire ! do a fabulous work on her creations !! i love it ! its so beautiful ! thats why i need to show her fabulous work on my blog!

first pic :

dress : fiesty violet dress by *WildCatz*
hair : by *DejaVu* (LilKim lovell)
glasses : by studio Glow
Gloves : by *wildcatz*

second pic :

Dress : fiesty fushia dress by *Wildcatz*
hair : by *DejaVu* (LilKim lovell)
glasses : by studio Glow

third pic :

dress : fiesty candy dress by *WildCatz*
hair : by *DejaVu* (LilKim Lovell)
glasses : by studio Glow
Gloves : by *wildcatz*
Boots : By farah Palmer

Last pic :

Outfit : Lady GaGa Temptation by *WildCatz*
Hair : By ETD (Gwen in black)
Glasses : By VW diamonds jet

Gloves : By *WildCatz*


samedi 16 mai 2009

New release FIERCE : Journey Mclaglen

OK ! i Open my blog with the new and ssooooo fabulous dress FIERCE of Journey Mclaglen
a very great designer she do a very good work !!!
a beautiful gown fierceeeeeee for every events and soo Niceeee iam crazy about this dress !

Detail outfit :

Hair : Kenzie Black by Bishwear
Gown : Fierce gown By Journey Mclaglen
Eyeslashes : Leezu Baxter's lashes
Gloves : part of outfit by :Bijou:
Skin : Moon flowers by Redgrave

Opening my blog !!!!

Hey all ! im charliz , i open my blog just today this blog will have like a concept the fashion style , of all designers of SL who are new or famous or other . I want alot of ppl who can follow this blog !!!
thanks all !

xxxx charliz