samedi 27 juin 2009


omg :( its my last post for this moment cuz i move RL :(but i will come back soon !! here is my last post now. I 've meet new designer today Fae Erikson so woop !! she designe so simply and so nice her new collection are summer and so hot !!!! lets see it ! ;)

Details of Pics :

First Pics :
Dress : *fishy strawberry* swan lake Black
Eyelashes : MAI skins shop
gloves : Part of the outfit Poker face by Ali couture
Leggings :*Fishy Strawberry* Swan Lake - Black
Skin : *FI-ST* skin daphne cappuccino pitch black by Fshy Strawberry

Second pic :
Hair : by W&Y hairs
dress : Dancing Queen Dress/ Top - Silver
jacket :*Fishy Strawberry* Decadence Mongolian Fur - Coal
bangles : last collection by Bandit jewells
Lashes : MAI SKINS
necklace : by LaGyo
Skin : FI-ST* skin daphne cappuccino pitch black by fishy strawberry

Third pic :
top : *Fishy Strawberry* BowIe Tee Hooked - Pink
pants : *Fishy Strawberry* Barcode Trackpants - Grey
skin : FI-ST* skin daphne cappuccino pitch black by fishy strawberry

last pic :
Hair : by fishy strawberry
accessoire in hair : BY HTD hair fair
Bikini : *Fishy Strawberry* Paillettes Bodysuit Light Blue
Skin : Last collection of Skins

EnJOYYYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vendredi 26 juin 2009

AOHARU by Machang Pichot

AOHARU an isle complet !! so big so beautiful Machang Pichot is in the best designer on SL i've recieve the big honor to talk with her a person very nice and very very cool :) i 've nothin to say only WAAAAWWWWWOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Details of pics :

first pic :
Hair : Lelutka brown
Jacket : AOHARU_BT_SimpleLongShirt_White
Bikini :AOHARU_BT_FlowerBandeauSwimsuit_Brown

Second pics :
Hair : By DejaVu
Glasses : ROLE
Jacket : AOHARU_BT_FrenchSleeveDenimVest_White
Short :AOHARU_BT_DenimShortPants_Black
Gloves : by Kunglers part of outfit Jackie
Shoes <3>

Third pics :
Hair : By Lelutka
Jacket : AOHARU_BT_FrenchSleeveDenimVest_Black
short : AOHARU_BT_DenimShortPants_Black
gloves : by *plus*
shoes : AOHARU_WALK_CrossLacedUpHeels_Black
Piercing : belly by sn@tch

last pics :
Dress : AOHARU_BT_FroralMaxiDress_Brown

ENJOY THE SO FABULOUS DESIGNE OF MACHANG PICHOT <333333333333333333333!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mercredi 24 juin 2009

HL Fashion Design !

oh ! my lovely friend Charli Turbo have pose with the so so fabulous and beautiful outfits of Herby Loire the designer of HL Fashion Design they are so so many beautiful outfits there !!! i won't show all :p you have to go and see them !!! ohlalala !!!!

Details of pics :
Model : Charli Turbo

First outfit
Clothes: HL Fashion Design Bocelli
Hair: Truth - Isabella Light browns
Shoes: Armidi - gold slingback
Jewelry: [chuculet] ysa - necklace and earrings - gold
Skin: Leona from redgrave - gold
Lashes: Diva Lashes - Leezu

Second Outfit
Clothes: HL Design Julia
Hair: JE*REPUBLIC-Tarae-Midnight Pack
Jewelry: [chuculet] ysa - necklace and earrings - gold
Shoes: Armidi - gold slingback
Skin: Leona - gold

Third Outfit
Clothes: HL Fashion Design Bali
Hair: W&Y HAIR 74 PACK A
Skin: Leona - ash
Shoes: J's Real Toe Cross Belt Pumps SILVER

dimanche 21 juin 2009

Stylissimo By Andreya Juliesse

omgg i feel so in love when i saw these dresses :) all was so perfect like i want ! ahah a luxery of designe and all with the Haute Couture par Andreya !!<3> je t'encourage :) he start with some beautiful dresses already and i hope soon he will designe some of nice dresses omg <333>

pls follow the URL here u go :) :

Details of Pics :

First Pic :
Dress : Stylissimo ~ Twisted Victoria ~
Hair : By VW
glasses : Jet diamonds by VW
gloves : part of outfit (Michami)

Second Pic :
Dress : Stylissimo ~ Parisiana Meander
Hair : By Mirone
Skin : By MAI Skins midnight Skin Vol.9

Third pic :
Hair : [HTD] Lola + Fedora hat (Black Coffee)
Outfit : Stylissimo ~ Long Fly Home ~
Glasses : by Shade Trone addicted
Skin : ..::MAI::..Sonja Sunset Vol.5

Pic 4 :
Dress : Stylissimo ~ Chance ~
Hair : HAIR FAIR of W&Y
Skin : ..::MAI::..Sonja Sunset Vol.5

Pic 5 :
Dress : Stylissimo ~ Garden Thorns ~
Hair : HAIR FAIR by W&Y
Skin : By LAZOLLI Skins Yoko NEW

Website of Stylissimo :

im crazy about this store !<3!

WILDCATZ new !!!!!!

OMG OMG !!! yayayaay sorry i was really busy with RL cuz i moove the 27 th to IBIZA !! and Nakitta Nightfire show me her new release !!! its so summer ahahah i love it !! lets enjoy her new creations !!!!

Details of pics :

First pic : NEW HAIR BY HTD by Cherrie Markova!!

Second pic :
Outfit : =^ WILDCATZ ^= SMITTEN NEW !!!!!!!!!
Hair : {HTD} Lila Tofee
Shoes : boots white stiletto moody OMG IM SO IMPATIENT FOR THE NEW STILETTOS KATHERINE !!!!!!!

mardi 16 juin 2009

*BAIASTICE* By Sissy Pessoa

Omg i love Sissy she's so lovely and so nice :) i love her! and what she do :) she is already the best designer on SL she create the word MODE and the Elegance ! what i see by the big designer rl i see it on the designe of Sissy Pessoa :)i have nothing to say only she do a fabulous work :)

Details of pics :

First pic :
Hair : From LaGyo
Dress : Baiastice_Dark Sense
Glasses : Kalnins sunglasses
Pochette : pochette par baiastice de 2009 :)
earrings : LaGyo

Second Pic :
Dress : Baiastice_Cotton Stripes-purple
Hair : Alana from Labieja
Jewells : All jewells from LaGyo
Lashes : from Leezu Baxter

third pic :
Hair : from WAKA & YUKI Last Collection
Bikini : BAIASTICE last collection Spring summer cote d'azur :)
earrings : Lagyo

Last Pic :
Dress :Baiastice_Silk hug-white pearl
Hair : From Lelutka Grace chestnut
Glasses : Kalnins sunglasses
Jewells : From LaGyo
Nails : From CCD Caithlin Carter Designer

lundi 15 juin 2009

PERSONA By Myllie Writer

Myllie Writer Owner of PERSONA she is a very great designer the designe of Myllie is so special and awesome she designe (poses, Clothes and AO's ... ) she do a fabulous poses for shooting and make clothes too and her dresses looks like Calvin Klane ! i love it !

Details of Pics :

First pic :
Hair : by :MIRONE: ADIE_ebony/black
Dress : *PERSONA* Feathers set
Jewells : CCD - Emma - Crystal
Lashes : * *LeeZu Baxter* Black Diva Lashes
Pose : PERSONA Shooting poses - PACK19 Vogue

Second Pic :
Hair : by :MIRONE: ADIE_ebony/black
Dress : *PERSONA* Feathers set
Jewells : CCD - Emma - Crystal
Lashes : * *LeeZu Baxter* Black Diva Lashes
Shoes : Digit Darkes Spring 09 Collection-Lotus Heel-Custom (B)
Pose : PERSONA yes, sir (relaxed hand)

third pic :
Pose : PERSONA weekend

The rest they are some packs :) i keep it secret :p go discover it at PERSONA


wow hairs for runway !omg Miu is a Model on sl and she starting like designer for Hairs and she do it already soooo great :) and im so impatient for her new collection !! Miu has open her Fabulous store the 11 th june and she has already sussceful with :) we encouraged her ! alot of muahs !<3

Details of pics

First pic :
Hair : :MIRONE: Welcome (Gift) (ELAN sp_darkbrown)

Second Pic :
Hair : :MIRONE: CERIA_walnut/chestnut

Enjoy ! :)

dimanche 14 juin 2009

GoodLook New Collection !

ohlalala i feel already my summer at Ibiza <333>ahah GoodLook was created by Elen Reifsnider and Lektro Magne they are 2 very nice designers :) and they do a very great work :) beautiful collections ladies !! muahs !!

Details of pics :

first pic :
Hair : by WAKA & YUKI
Outfit : By GoodLook sexy girl black
Boots : By Fussy

second pic :
Hair : WAKA & Yuki
Top : by goodlook Tank top grey
Jean : New collection by GoodLook jean oH Blue
gloves : by *Plus*
Boots : By Fussy
glasses : by ROLE aviator

Glamazon by Estelle Parnall

a perfect gowns in all styles !! they are all so beautiful and simply for all occasion or events you can find them in ur inventory :) Estelle do a good work with all of her dresses <33>

Details of pics :

first pic :
Skin : By LionSkins the last collection of clockwork dolls
Hair : By In.Ess new store of Isaa Gelber named Furious
Dress : By Glamazon Delilah purple
Necklace : coming soon by LaGyo

Second pic :
Skin : By LionSkins the last collection of clockwork dolls
Hair : By In.Ess
Dress : by Glamazon jo bow black
Necklace : LaGyo Coming soon !

mercredi 10 juin 2009

Donna Flora

Donna Flora was created by Squinternet Larnia , she is a great designer on SL and she do a beautiful mixe with the style Noble and Vintage its really fabulous to see cuz its so original so many designers do the same things but her store is so particular cuz she has her own style ! and its so Wawo !!


first pic :
All Accessories : NEW collection named Noir Desir by LaGyo
Hair : By Lamb named BanG Bang pale
Dress : By Donna Flora * Donna Flora * 700

Second pic :
Hair : by Donna Flora marlene
outfit : * Donna Flora * LELLA

third pic :
Dress : * Donna Flora * GIGI azur include with jewells
Hair : By aden named Jordan

Last pics :
Hair : By DeJaVu
Dress : * Donna Flora * JENNY pink flexi
Shoes : * Donna Flora * Mary shoes silver

Outfit : * Donna Flora * DEPERO dress
Hair : by VW
Glasses : LAST NEW COLLECTION BY LAGYO noir Desir (inspired by GaGa)

FTV - Frozen Turquoise Valentine

Woot Woot ! Valenttina Carfagno a big model and a big designer too !! wow i love really her work its really fabulous and she do the smae things at France :) the same beautiful Mode ! FTV is a big store and very famous for alot of ppl who follow the fashion world of SL and FTV is really in the world of fashion :)

Details of pics :

first pic :
Bikini:FTV- Purple BS
Hair : By Donna Flora
Lashes : by leezu Baxter

Second pic :
Dress :FTV- SummerindaHamptons (Gold)
Hair : by DejaVu Mademoiselle
All Jewells : NEW collection by LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larnia)

third pic :
Outfit :FTV- Manhattan
Hair : Not avaible

dimanche 7 juin 2009

Alatiel Fashions By Alatiel Malies

Woop New dresses , new collection at Alatiel Fashion they are so beautiful alatiel do a very great work ! lets enjoy her new creations ! <3

Detail of pic :

Dress : by :: Alatiel Fashions :: Orange Princess
Hair : By DejaVu
Earrings : Not avaible

*FASHION NOMADS* By Aleida Rhode

*FASHION NOMADS* was created by a model Aleida Rhode she is a designer and do a very great and beautiful work , she take her inspiration by the fashion of Frenchi admir her work <3

Details of pics :

first pic :
Bikini : by *FN* Lira strapless bikini - lavender
hair : by Lelutka Ballerine

second pic :
Dress : *FN* Beira dress II - silver
Hair : by Paper Couture

third pic :
Dress : *FN* Kotido summer dress - fuchsia red
Hair : Victoria by Labieja

Last pic :
Dress : New Collection *FN* Couture 6 Orientale - papaya
Hair : by P.Mirrors